v6.4 FIRM PRO face
firming booster 4ml


Curated oil blend that visibly tightens, lift and firms to rebuild skin’s youthful appearance thanks to its moisturizing properties.


Vegan, toxic free, dermatologically tested, should not be used pure, mix with the serums and moisturizers from the RECOVERY or URBAN lines (link a la categoría customizable recovery y urban en la web)

Day and night use

All skin types except very oily skin types

NET 0,14 fl. oz. – 4 ml. e

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Inspired 100% in nature, the performance is achieved by the sophisticated chemistry of 2 algae, a tree, a flower and a fruit.

FIRM v6.4 PRO contains the hymantalia algae’s defence system that stimulates the dermis protein genes and preserves the collagen. The laminaria algae composition is rich in fucoxanthin and lipids that provide the algae with flexibility and encourages mitochondrial activity.

The algae work in synergy with the tears of the Mastic tree, with proven effect on awakening the eternal youth genes: Foxo and Klotho, and with the firming and collagen fiber organizer activity of the Acmella flower with an immediate and durable anti-wrinkle action. All in a base of a fermented Olive oil; and antioxidant fluid with an enhanced penetration ability for a super moisturizing finish.

The perfect cocktail to work on a 3 dimensional performance:

• Increases the cohesion between the dermis and the epidermis (basal layer)

• Increases the production levels of collagen, elastin, integrin, laminin (deep level)

• Creates a protective ultra-moisturizing film (superficial level)

Our line of TUNE IT boosters are products that do not contain emulsifiers; just pure active principles that are not always homogeneous. Therefore, sometimes they might have 2 colors, present micro-particles, or look biphasic (part water – part oil).

They are formulated like this for one reason: these boosters enhance the functions of the serums and moisturizers in our Urban and Recovery lines, thus we don’t add emulsifiers to these products since they are meant to be combined and not used alone. In order to be more efficient, they must be mixed with these products to offer that extra “boost” that targets individual needs.

*images shown on our website and catalogues are 3D renders, and do not show the real color/texture of the product

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Dimensions 9 × 14 × 17 cm


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firming booster 4ml”

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